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The music industry is unfair. In an ultra-competitive online landscape, talented underground artists are forced to battle for attention against musicians with billionaire backing. There needs to be a better voice for amplifying independent creatives.

We want to be that voice.


Slow Motion Panic Masters is a leftist collective of 13 international writers hellbent on discovering the best music the world has to offer. We don’t care about genre, or language, or how many people follow your band on the Internet.  We care about big beats and wavy tunes, lo-fi vibes and fat bass. In other words: if your music is sick, we'll let the whole world know.


Dedicated to uplifting the underground, our platform vows to scream at millionaire musicians with impartiality and deliver our musical biases as objective fact. Whether it's KPop, Hip-Hop, Indie Folk or Malian Desert Rock, we write what we want and we say what we mean. We are pirates in search of underground treasure, and you are most certainly welcome aboard.

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