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EP REVIEW: Lucy Dreams - Everything Comes in Waves

Gnarly Waves

Lucy Dreams - Everything Comes in Waves (2020 Prueckl Beats)

SMPM's underground darlings Lucy Dreams are back, and this time it's big. Following on from the surprising (but deserved) success of their previous single, 'Know My Number', this Austrian electronic project demands your attention once more with the release of their first EP, Everything Comes in Waves.

We've been into Lucy Dreams for a while now but, to be honest, the concept sells itself. A musical project emerging from algorithmic production and performative robotics, the sonic imagination provided by the 'dreams' of audio A.I. Lucy is both tantalising in its potential and immediately rewarding through the three songs of Everything Comes in Waves. Sonically, each of Lucy Dreams 2020 singles have withstood the scrutiny of Spotify airplay with an incredibly radio-ready production quality. These songs are no different. From glistening synths to the ultra-synthetic processing of the tracks' lead vocals, there is something really compelling about just how good Lucy Dreams sound.

Opening with 'Pacific Shore', hints of Tame Impala's The Slow Rush emanate from cycling percussion beneath distorted guitars and the Daft Punk-esque vocal affectations. It builds in intensity wonderfully well, with cymbal hits going a long way in really selling the momentum of this first track. I adore its closing guitar tone and, even though I do wonder if the track might've been better served ending around [3:16], its nonetheless an enticing opening to the EP.

'Sphinx' continues with a fantastic chorus melody and similarly excellent percussion. I wonder if the robotics of the vocal deliveries could've been emphasised further, shiying away from the full Romanthony clone that I selfishly want to hear on top of Lucy Dreams's satisfying production. Still, 'Sphinx' is a good track regardless.

It's with 'Elements', however, that I hear Lucy Dreams in a new light. It is a reserved, patient, even contemplative song. It "takes the time", as the track lyricises, but there's something hauntingly appealing about hearing Lucy Dreams slow down and strip back the percussion for a moment. Pulling away from the gorgeously layered production of its sister tracks, 'Elements' lands with all the more intensity and catharsis upon the reintroduction of its percussion. It's a high point in the EP, and it's a high point in the blossoming career of this collective.


- good -

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