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EP REVIEW: Spooky Town - Try Me

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Try Me - Spooky Town (2020)

Try Me’s new EP Spooky Town houses the best Halloween-y music I have listened to in a long time. Seriously. While it is true that I just put together a creep-fest of a playlist for all you genuine horror-heads out there, I appreciate Halloween for what most people take it to be too: a fun night to dress up in silly clothes and party to the beat of a cheesy Spooky Scary Skeletons dance remix. The trouble is there’s only so many times you can listen to Andrew Gold’s classic before craving for something new. And, sadly enough, fun spooky music is scarcely being produced. Which is why Spooky Town is such a blessing.

The EP, consisting of two songs, embodies the exact amount of funky silliness and spooky fun I crave during this time of year. ‘Rotten’, the opening track, is an absolutely delightful romp that grabs you straight from the get-go with the line “I went on a date with a werewolf” – and then refuses to let you go. This is a bouncy, dynamic jam that manages to incorporate everything – from cartoony sound effects to the Halloween-y screams we all know and love – without dissolving into an incomprehensible mess. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Every part of this song, from the vocal performances to the funky synths, works together perfectly to produce a fantastically camp disco banger that is way, WAY catchier than it has any right to be.

The EP’s second and final track, ‘Frankenstein’ is slightly toned down when compared to ‘Rotten’, but no less deserving of praise. It is a lively, kooky tune that, as a single listen will tell you, is oozing with personality. The sheer confidence and flamboyance of the duo’s delivery of lines like "drink my elixir" and "you cheeky monkey" should, on its own, be enough to sell you on this track. But if that isn’t enough, there is no way you will be able to resist the dance break that shakes up the last third of the song, featuring cries of joy (not just mine) and bongos.

Spooky Town, like much of Try Me’s music, is so full to the brim with good vibes and danceable jams it’s contagious – and I cannot stress enough how much the Halloween music scene needed this new blood (pun very much intended). Both 'Rotten' and 'Frankenstein' have become instant spooky classics in my book and, most importantly, in my Halloween party playlists.


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Ainhoa Santos Goikoetxea (pronounced "I-know-ah") is a culturally confused Creative Writing postgraduate student from the Basque Country, Spain. She is passionate about film, music and politics, and she should probably know more than she does about all three.

This article was edited by Fin Cousins, a literature student studying at Kings College, London. He loves sport, music and writing and he is still waiting for Love Island to accept his application. He also made our logo.

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