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FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER: April 2020 - Tamara Lawrence

UGM-3 (16 A4 Photographs)

(2020 Tamara Lawrence)

From the artist:

This experimental project reveals an artistic interpretation as to what invisible gases could look like if we could see them with a naked eye. Each image resembles a stage of the environment degrading.

I wanted to create a body of work that engages an artistic practice but also creates awareness of air pollution, allowing an audience of all ages to engage with the works.

Each image was shot on 35mm and then combined with a chemical overlay which I created by mixing various components. Physically mixing the chemicals (both photographic and domestic) portrays the act of ‘doing’ and visualises the unknown as each was an experiment of luck.

(2020 Tamara Lawrence)

My aim is to push this project further potentially document more areas of the UK. I am also in the process of turning the still images into an animation to show the progression of the degrading environment in a more interactive way.

My practice in general is very much about visualising political issues that occur at the time of making the work. Largely due to the emergence of the Extinction Rebellion movement over the last few years, the climate emergency has been spoken about more so than ever before. Therefore, I was inspired to see how I could visualise such issues in a way that would create ambiguity to allow the audience to decipher what they think the message conveyed is.

- Tamara Lawrence


Find Tamara's photographs around our site over the next month, and check out her full submission on our photography page here! Follow her on instagram and like her page on facebook to see more of her phenomenal work. We are very proud to feature photography from talented individuals every month, and are always happy to receive more submissions at for our next features!


Born in 2000, Tamara Lawrence is a photographic artist based in Hampshire, United Kingdom. She currently studies at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Working with both digital and analogue mediums, she created bodies of work which touch upon current political themes. Her body of work is often influenced by news articles and current affairs. Her current works touch upon the climate emergency and how factors of this, impact our everyday life. The two most recent series being ‘Cameraless Landscapes’ and ‘UGM-3’.

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