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Artists You Need To Hear About Right Now


Four unmissable artists, all in one place. The team at Slow Motion Panic Masters has more incredible musicians for you all to pay attention to right now, or regret missing out on some of the most exciting music the world has to offer.

But first, make sure to follow our spotify playlist with the link below and tune in to hear a regularly updating stream of sensational underground appreciation:



Mouth Breather: Spotify / Instagram / Bandcamp

“From dreams of Karen Carpenter to thinking about what it's like to die of old age, this is an album with music on it.”

So writes Mouth Breather when describing his latest EP, Mean Mr. Mouth Breather – and what you read is pretty much what you get. Wry, creative, and non-committal, this Toronto-based, bedroom pop icon is one of the most versatile indie acts I have listened to in a while. From funky, upbeat jams like ‘Turn Me Over’ to heartfelt, lo-fi tearjerkers like ‘The Clock Never Stops’, Mouth Breather refuses to be boxed into any single theme or genre, instead letting inspiration take him where it may.

Highlights amongst these flights of fancy include insane mixes like ‘Crazy Eyes’, the (surely) Illuminati-approved ‘Oh What a World’, and the aforementioned ‘Turn Me Over’, with its explosive violins and melodious vocals from fellow Torontonian artist Selené (who is also great, by the way).

Still, no discussion about Mouth Breather’s “flights of fancy” would be complete without mentioning ‘On the Red Eye’, not just because it’s literally about a troubled flight from Cleveland to Delaware, but because it’s a fantastic song that may point to a new stylistic direction Mouth Breather is yet to fully explore: a more acoustic sound that I for one cannot wait to see more of.

And FYI, my impatience should be universal. Dear Mr. Mouth Breather: please make more albums with music on them. To the rest of you: Go listen to Mouth Breather immediately.




Harrison Lipton: Spotify / Instagram / Bandcamp

Last month, Harrison Lipton released my favourite song of the year. Remixing their 2019 single 'With U' alongside genius music-makers Middle Part and Nana Lourdes, this latest spin on Lipton's style is undeniably fantastic. Revitalising what was already a phenomenally solid indie single, this remix exhibits an unbelievable scale of growth from a ridiculously talented artist.

It blasts in with a fusion of pristine production, a weighty groove and the best bass tone of the year. This song takes industry heavyweights to the ring and knocks them out. Harrison Lipton has no business making music this effortlessly radio-ready, sparkling with pop-funk perfection in a haze of exact rhythms and faultless vocal delivery.

It was reassuring then, that this is just one of many genius songs from Harrison's mind. Where recent singles have keyed into this particular brand of technicolour pop vibrancy, make sure not to overlook the artist's fantastic 2018 EP 'Loveliness', showcasing an earlier period of a more laid-back and reserved creativity. It's a fantastic project deserving of your attention. As is more or less everything that this artist puts their talented hands towards.

- BEN WHEADON (@wheadz)



Miles Pascall: Spotify / Instagram

A heavy dose of soul from Miles Pascall cured me of my COVID isolation misery. Combining a stunning vocal talent and a creative approach to songwriting, this London based singer-songwriter and soul extraordinaire is unmissable.

Previously touring some of the world’s biggest arenas playing drums for COSHA (formerly known as Bonzai) for 3 years, along with being a session musician for many other artists, it's great to hear his skill as a musician shine through in his own music as he strips everything back to let his powerful songwriting and raw, emotive vocals take centre stage.

Pascall’s debut single ‘Laila’s Song’ captured bittersweet feelings of nostalgia and intimacy back in 2017. Something about his voice conveys heartbreak and pining so convincingly, and he matches these sentiments with a small-scale piano arrangement. What I love about this artist in particular is his capacity to keep his music so simple while still delivering pure excellence.

Latest single ‘Faith Over Fear’ is a stunning piano-led ballad and an impressive declaration of astonishing talent. Utilising minimalistic production as a means of amplify lyrics on the spirituality and perseverance, this is all you need to hear to be persuaded about the sheer talent that this artist is blessed with. The gift of Pascall’s voice is a wonderful addition to the UK’s thriving soul scene and ‘Faith Over Fear’ makes it clear that this man is one to watch out for this year. One thing I know for sure is that I’ve found my latest obsession, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

- TARA CHOUDHARY (@starararararara)



ArmstrongWW: Spotify / Instagram / Soundcloud

With a list of inspirations that includes Sam Cooke, Tyler, the Creator and Chance the Rapper, it was obvious that ArmstrongWW would be offering something I'd fall in love with. This young artist is one of the most promising emerging voices we've encountered this year, and it is downright concerning just how fantastic his music is.

Latest single 'Imperfect' is a hell of an introduction to this Cameroonian-born prodigy. Putting a distinctly Chance-like delivery on top of a brilliantly asymmetrical piano instrumental, this is one of our favourite songs of 2021. It's frightening to hear the artist re-emphasise "I'm only 19" in his lyricism, but its absolutely worth repeating. Musicians shouldn't be this good this early in their career, but ArmstrongWW is serious.

I keep looking through his discography for a moment of weakness; some indication of imperfection like his latest single lyricised. Amazingly though, every single song on his spotify is masterfully made. Listening to 'For You' from late 2020, demonstrated real versatility, shedding Chance the Rapper comparisons for Open Mike Eagle similarities, but its still distinctly his own style. 'Control' is another phenomenal single with a totally different beat - but it just doesn't matter. Whatever this artist puts his mind to, he knocks it out of the park. Everyone needs to be paying attention to this kid, he's better than more than half the rappers that are competing for your attention, and he's only 19.

- BEN WHEADON (@wheadz)


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Ainhoa Santos Goicoechea (pronounced "I-know-ah") is a culturally confused Creative Writing postgraduate student from the Basque Country, Spain. She is passionate about film, music and politics, and she should probably know more than she does about all three.

Tara Choudhary is a third-year student at King’s College London, who euphemises her indecisiveness by saying she studies the Liberal Arts. She enjoys music, theatre and basically anything she can categorise as “not math”.

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