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SINGLE REVIEW: Abbie Ozard - Crocodile Tears

Indie upstart kicks 2020 off with a bang(er)

Abbie Ozard - Crocodile Tears (2020 Modern Sky Entertainment)

‘Crocodile Tears’ is the latest single from Manchester-based indie starlet Abbie Ozard. It's her first single of 2020, and if this is anything to go by the year is looking very good for her.

The tune kicks off with some gorgeous scalic harmonies, while Ozard's reverb-soaked vocals dangle above soft guitar. Fusing modern indie rock with her characteristically tranquil sound, 'Crocodile Tears' gives us a fresh take on the (admittedly) saturated genre of UK indie rock. The verse kicks in with crunching percussion, accompanied by fantastically broken-up guitar work. Short and sweet, the verse wastes no time and once again we are launched into an infectious hook. The bridge section has clearly been written for her upcoming performances at some of the biggest UK festivals ready for a hefty crowd singalong [ed - oi Reading Festival, put Abbie Ozard on the lineup and fucking sort out your gender representation]

While the track doesn’t really venture far from the structured comfort of its pleasant verses and satisfying chorus melodies, in its sub 3-minute runtime ‘Crocodile Tears’ cuts the shit and presents us a cracking ear worm that will feel right at home in your favourite indie playlist. It represents a great artistic step forward from 2019’s Growing Pains, an EP that showed vast amounts of potential but left me wanting more from her singalong side, if you will. The softer cuts showcased Abbie’s stunning vocals, but ‘Crocodile Tears’ really showcases the singer as one of the most exciting up-andcomers for the brand new decade.

Follow Abbie Ozard on instagram and listen to 'Crocodile Tears' now.


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