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SINGLE REVIEW: Abbie Ozard - TV Kween

We Love Abbie Ozard

Abbie Ozard - TV Kween (2020 Modern Sky)

SMPM favourite Abbie Ozard is back again, this time with her third single of 2020, ‘TV Kween’. Following late-2019’s far more bedroom-pop influenced EP, Growing Pains, Ozard has spent 2020 shifting towards a bigger, bolder sound with recent singles. Swapping more laid-back tracks for driving drums and massive hooks, this artist is assuredly on the right track, developing into a force of indie rock invention.

Written over FaceTime with long-time collaborator Rich Turvey, this once again highlights Ozard’s impeccable ability as a songwriter. Much like Charli XCX’s most recent LP, Ozard is another artist pushing the remote-recording work ethic which is most likely soon to become the norm. Her work is never finished, and the music just keeps coming.

‘TV Kween’ kicks off with some lush vocal work over a steady backbeat. Gentle palm muted guitars are juxtaposed with reverb-heavy, twinkly guitar parts to continue the dreamy atmosphere that she has created with her music over the past two years. While the chorus isn’t as in-your-face as ‘Crocodile Tears’ or ‘Pink Sky (Endless Summer)’, it still shows off a delightfully catchy melody. Layered synthesizers and pads in the background are very much in fashion right now, and are used in a way that compliments the track, rather than drown itself in it. As I said with ‘Pink Sky’, it seems evident that Pale Waves' influence is present with these new releases, with the dreamy soundscapes and glittering guitars, however Ozard is still holding her own in terms of sound, leaving 'TV Kween' as a welcome addition to the artist's repertoire.

As we’ve said before, and will most definitely say again, Abbie Ozard is one to keep an eye on. This level of consistency with quality releases is close to unheard of within the underground, and ‘TV Kween’ is another impressive slice of sweet, dreamy indie pop.


- good -


James Mellen is a very bored student in his final year of compulsory education, waiting to study music production and performance at degree level. He is passionate about music, guitars and music. He also watches films sometimes.

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