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SINGLE REVIEW: beabadoobee - Care

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beabadoobee - Care (2020 Dirty Hit)

Indie favourite beabadoobee has released her first studio single of the year (not counting her 88Rising cover or her feature on Powfu's incredibly dull track 'death bed'). ‘Care’ is the lead single from the London singer’s debut LP, Fake It Flowers (release date TBC) with beabadoobee, real name Bea Kristi, clearly using 2019’s Space Cadet EP as a foundation from which the singer could be able to pursue the sound that she’s always wanted to make.

Trading her usual acoustic sad songs for a big, fuzzy banger, ‘Care’ is a fantastic slice of 90s-tinted indie rock, immediately reminding me of The Sundays, but with distortion. The chorus is made up of very 1990s stabs, and the whole track is melodies galore. The guitar work is excellent, weaving in and out of each other in the verses before hitting the distortion in the chorus for some huge power chords. Guitarist Jacob Budgen’s lead work, especially in the latter half of the choruses, is dreamy and jangly and slots into Kristi’s alt rock world very well.

‘Care’ is probably the most comfortable vocal performance that Kristi has recorded to date. Throughout her previous music, beabadoobee's voice has often sounded harsh and grating, the result of both a combination of sub-par mixing and an unrefined vocal performer. However, after a year of live performances, multiple singles, and some huge tours, Kristi’s vocal work sounds stronger than ever. Nothing feels forced, but beabadoobee still retains the passion and energy she has shown throughout her live shows in a well-executed vocal package that offers a great deal of promise moving forwards.

The mix and production on this track is wonderful, especially compared to some of the muddy sections on Space Cadet (most notably opener ‘Are You Sure’). Every instrument is crisp and clear, and Kristi’s voice obviously takes centre without being too loud or piercing (another issue that has cropped up with earlier music).

Once again Bea Kristi has showcased a knack for writing infectious melodies, and her development from lo-fi acoustic artist to 90s alt rock revival trailblazer is very exciting. ‘Care’ is an excellent lead single, and if it hints in any way as to what the rest of the album will sound like, I am very excited.


- good -


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