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SINGLE REVIEW: beabadoobee - Sorry

the editor is making the same joke again here

beabadoobee - Sorry (2020 Dirty Hit)

Grunge revival superstar Bea Kristi (known as Beabadoobee) excited fans and critics alike earlier this year with the announcement of their debut album and the release of lead single 'Care' (which we loved). Now, Kristi has dropped the second single from debut LP ‘Fake It Flowers’ (out October 16), titled ‘Sorry’, and has cited it as her favourite track yet.

As a fan of almost everything Kristi has released prior to this, ‘Sorry’ is a bit of a let down. With every release Kristi seems gradually more and more drowned by their influences, or ever overwhelmed by the actual production process itself. While it isn’t a bad song by any stretch, its just a bit meh. Between Sonic Youth-style breakdowns, a long atmospheric intro and a string section, there's little to talk about, and what there is to talk about proves confusing in direction.

Like WHAT is going on? Honestly the track would have been twice as good without those unwelcome strings. Structurally it feels just like a jam session, with Kristi cueing in her band whenever she’s bored of just her voice and guitar. In an album context ‘Sorry’ might work a lot better, but right now just seems like an odd choice for a single.

‘Sorry’ is a prime example of a young artist making their first album. It's a bit messy and a bit too overloaded with ideas. However, all the performances are solid and some of the tones and sounds are fantastic, and once again heavily reference the 90s bands Kristi loves so much.


- ok -

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