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SINGLE REVIEW: Grandmas House - Devil's Advocate


Grandmas House - Devil's Advocate (2020 Grandmas House)

Devil’s Advocate’ is the debut single from Bristol punk trio Grandmas House, and shows us straight from the off that they are out for blood. Filthy guitars, roaring bass and scream-and-response vocals create a whirlwind of chaos, and you really need to be paying attention to where this punk hurricane is heading.

Just a week ago we here at Slow Motion Panic Masters picked out 'GH' as one of four bands from our inaugural Ones To Watch feature, and they have proved us so very right to do so. Drawing influence from hardcore pioneers like Agnostic Front and Black Flag, 'Devil's Advocate' give us a two-minute kick in the face with GH's wonderfully noisy debut. The low growl of the track's bass combines with intimidatingly distorted guitar and frenetically excellent drums. If you were in a Washington D.C. record store in the late 1980's and 'Devil's Advocate' started playing, it would've blended right in. That's not to say that this song is treading old ground, though. The tune sounds simultaneously fresh and like a flashback to punk past. While clearly not recording in the production quality of other artists (yet), the DIY sound fits GH's style perfectly, and I'm sure going forward that the Bristol trio will be able to cultivate their imposing aural character into an even better sounding band.

‘Devil’s Advocate’ makes you want to break shit and then break it again. Despite its short runtime leaving me desperately wanting more, remember that Grandmas House are still fresh onto the scene with their very first released single. With a whole plethora of shows on the horizon, I’m sure the trio have a lot more material ready for release.

Its early days for the group and with their first single already getting BBC Introducing airplay, the signs indicate that Grandmas House are a force to be reckoned with. They are ready to brush aside the saturated punk scene dominated by men and show that women can rock even harder.

In the wise words of Kim Gordon: Girls invented punk rock, not England.


- good -


Check out the video for their debut single here - shot by the mega talented Alex Stark:


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