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SINGLE REVIEW: Hush Mozey - Trim The Roses

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Hush Mozey - Trim The Roses (2020 Hush Mozey)

Wake up. Hush Mozey are back.

We seem to be dedicating all of our time to writing about the Bristol music scene recently, and we'd feel guilty about that if it wasn't the best city in England for emerging artists right now, and Eclectic-rock four piece Hush Mozey are just another group to add to the pile of overwhelming South West talent.

New track 'Trim The Roses' may come across as a surprising change in style from a group that has established themselves playing a slightly grittier brand of indie rock, but this newest effort simultaneously sounds like an inventive change of pace while still being an entirely natural extension of the band's sound. Following 2019's EP Pretty Little Seance (which we wholeheartedly recommend) the soft acoustic tone of 'Trim The Roses' may seem at odds with that last EP's commitment to bouncy riffs and minor chords, but the distinct optimism of this latest single represents a solid continuation of an increasingly strong discography.

A soft accompaniment of breathy back-up vocals and a variety of sensitive instrumentation makes this tune a rewarding one to listen to turned up loud. There are gorgeously woven details to be noticed hiding around the track's mix, and it would feel unfair not to devote particular praise to the stellar work from producer Lewis Bradshaw and Pete Maher's mastering. This tune sounds substantial and outclasses a good deal of tracks we have heard this month from artists with ten times the resources of this Bristol four-piece.

Labelling themselves as a band of "drowsy rock and roll" I promise you that this band is assuredly not one that will be putting you to sleep. The single puts you at ease, but keeps you relentlessly engaged with a calming beat and a lyrical creativity that had me rewinding the tune to delve deeper into its meaning. The songwriting is loaded with gems: "there's no words to find / to fit a compromise" and a chorus lovingly declaring "stay true to your beliefs" had the soft philosophy of 'Trim The Roses' revolving around my head for the past few days.

Hush Mozey will electrify your car stereos and power up your wireless speakers with their ability to nail whatever genre of music they decide to emulate. They sound as if Circa Waves took a time machine back to the late seventies and decided that they should make better music. The band is great, and if you somehow needed any more convincing of that fact then 'Trim The Roses' makes the question beyond doubt. Pay attention to Hush Mozey.

Hear 'Trim The Roses' on our Best of March 2020 playlist here (updating on April 1st).


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Ben Wheadon is editor and founder of Slow Motion Panic Masters. He is a Welsh musician and English Literature student at King's College, London and he should be writing a dissertation instead of creating a blog.

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