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Do You Hear That Thunder?

IDLES - Grounds (2020 Partisan)

The IDLES community ate well this week. New track, new video, and the announcement of their highly anticipated third LP, Ultra Mono.

Last month we had the wickedly sharp 'Mr. Motivator', a high energy tune with the classic IDLES mantra of loving yourself and channelling positivity. Complete with celebrity references and some hilarious lyricism ("Like Kathleen Hanna with bear claws grabbing Trump by the pussy") 'Mr. Motivator' was the first proper look at the group's next project (besides the live debuts of some unreleased tracks on their December tour in 2019).

Second single 'Grounds' dropped this week after a cryptic teaser posted on the band’s socials, and if this single is anything to go by, I am even more excited for Ultra Mono. Kicking off with spaceship-esque noises, before some heavy guitars and drums pummel the listener, frontman Joe Talbot’s delivery is excellent throughout the track and his strength as a lyricist is once again a highlight. Making obvious references to the current social and political climate, clear nods to the Black Lives Matter movement are littered throughout the track:

I smell the blood of a million sons
A million daughters from a hundred thousand guns
Not taught by our teachers on our curriculum
So I raise my pink fist and say black is beautiful

'Grounds' also seems to delve into noise rock territory, with a furious outro engulfed in screeching feedback and heavy distortion. This section immediately seemed like it could have been something off of Daughters’ 2018 effort, You Won’t Get What You Want. While 'Grounds' sees IDLES continuing their drum and bass driven formula, the noisier influences are clear here and seem to tease some very interesting development. Bristol’s favourite boyband have smashed it once again.


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