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SINGLE REVIEW: Lyena - Headlines

Headlines will do

Lyena - Headlings (2020 - 1162751 Records DK)

Londoners Lyena are a band that must be heard. Cross-stitching a post-punk balance somewhere between Superfood and Shame, new single 'Headlines' will be a welcome addition to summer patio playlists desperately needing an injection of hard rock instrumentation.

'Headlines' opens up with a riff that would've slotted in superbly to Arctic Monkeys' Favourite Worst Nightmare, before transitioning to a wildly different groove and a volatile guitar line. That is not to say anything Lyena produce comes close to imitation and copycatting. Instead, this single plays like a tidy encapsulation of everything there is to get excited about in this current landscape of British rock music.

The vocals are strong, matched by gruff backing grumbles that really sell this track as an energetic expression of defiant music-making. You are going to want to be in the room for Lyena (when we're all allowed to be reintroduced to the world of sweaty moshing) and 'Headlines' is going to be a highlight. Listen out for a deliciously gnarly bass line, supremely impressive drum fills and a final hook that will sound very good if the audience gets itself heard.

Listen to 'Headlines' now and go check out Lyena on facebook and instagram to get your daily dose of feisty London post-punk.


- good -


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