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SINGLE REVIEW: moa moa - Spinning

*~\wub wub/~*

Moa Moa - Spinning (Square Leg Records, 2020)

As long-time readers will know, Slow Motion Panic Masters loves moa moa. Their first single, ‘Yellow Jacket’, left us hungry for more for more of their psychedelic-pop goodness. The release of their animation collab with Tom Sharp further confirmed what we’d all gathered from listening to ‘Yellow Jacket’ on repeat: these guys are creatively fearless, sensible musicians who can come up with a great idea and execute it brilliantly too. So, predictably, ‘Spinning’ just knocked it out of the park. Again.

From the moment this track starts, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Cool bass sounds accompany a smooth (and I mean smooth) sax amidst what sounds like wind chimes for the first few seconds of play time. You might start to think you’re safe - but the synths hit with a satisfying “wub wub” as the whole track bursts open and reveals the flurry of sound that defines this band. Slinky guitars echo distorted vocals, glitchy drums seem to miss a beat amidst squelchy synths, and the song slows down, speeds up, and dissolves itself with such confidence that you can’t help but look on in awe.

moa moa (Lidia Huerta, 2020)

Lyrically speaking, ‘Spinning’ is similarly adventurous. A bold new take on self-love and male pattern balding, singer James Ratcliffe describes his approach to the subject as “playfully candid”. He also claims that the topic at hand “definitely slipped into the writing”, which was in turn projected into the track’s colourful music video. I for one continue to adore this band’s wonderfully weird lyricisms. There is something blasé about lines like “Time, time passes by / All things surely must” that fascinates me. The simple oddities of moa moa’s lyrics will leave you wondering why you haven’t heard those words in that order before.

Innovative, eccentric, and exciting, ‘Spinning’ is a one-of-a-kind track produced by a one-of-a-kind band – and they’re just getting started. Having signed with Square Leg Records, the indie label championed by producer Charlie Andrew (of Alt-J and Marika Hackman fame), 2021 is looking to be an big year moa moa. And thank God for that, because I truly can’t wait to see how this underground gem will surprise us next.


- great-

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Ainhoa Santos Goikoetxea (pronounced "I-know-ah") is a culturally confused Creative Writing postgraduate student from the Basque Country, Spain. She is passionate about film, music and politics, and she should probably know more than she does about all three.

This article was edited by Fin Cousins, a postgrad literature student studying at King’s College London. He loves sport, music and writing and he is still waiting for Love Island to accept his application. He also made our logo.

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