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Going underground.

SLICK - Map (2020 YFK)

London-based rapper SLICK has emerged with a smooth and jaggedly confident introduction to his unique style and vocal cadence on new single 'Map'. To call SLICK a rapper feels insufficient, with the artist balancing a more than competent flow with respectably sung performances on the track. SLICK, like many artists in our post-Views rap landscape finds comfort in straddling the boundary of 'singing' and 'rapping', delivering himself on 'Map' as a rapper, but through excellently realised melodies.

The tune's flamenco-tinged guitar backing is immediately reminiscent of early 2000's Craig David, but the song does not at all feel limited to simply recreating a retro UK garage feel. Instead, the Londoner has created a track that successfully combines elements of the past and the present - fusing together both a propulsive guitar riff and weighty trap instrumentals into a very satisfying combination.

SLICK's lyrical creativity takes some time to demonstrate itself on this newest single. While the chorus and early verses somewhat lacks a distinct lyrical voice, as the tune progresses the rapper begins to showcase a very promising combination of interesting wordplay behind pleasing backing vocals. Listen out at around the [2:00] for the subtle doubling of SLICK's vocals with a deep backing vocal a few octaves down - it sounds excellent and is very well done, in expanding the soundscape of the song.

This is a very accomplished release considering how early 'Map' comes in the career of this independent UK artist. Hopefully there is more to come from SLICK, and soon too.

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