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SINGLE REVIEW: Squidge - Cardboard Box

West Country & Punky

Squidge - Cardboard Box (2020 Squidge)

You know what, as 2020 creeps ever closer to what will probably somehow be an even more catastrophic and apocalyptic 2021, I need Alt-Punk and I need it loud. Thank god, then, for Squidge.

We at Slow Motion Panic Masters had the chance to get an early listen of brand new single 'Cardboard Box' from this incredibly promising South West four-piece, and what we can tell you all is that there is something very interesting on the horizon for Squidge. Following on from a slew of particularly satisfying angry punk melodies over the past few years, 'Cardboard Box' is a continuation of compelling songwriting, wonderfully harmonised guitar tones and ultra-punchy drum grooves.

If you like Incubus, you'll like Squidge. If you enjoy Gnarwolves, you'll enjoy Squidge. If you like Dinosaur Pile-Up (who fucking doesn't) you're going to fucking love Squidge. There is something so satisfyingly reflective in the sound of this group, encompassing the tastes and tones of decades of distorted guitars and emotionally introspective punk musicianship. This is a band that knows their shit when it comes to low tunings and emo classics, and that's so clear to hear in their work. The guitar tones are some of the very best I've heard this year, without a doubt, and sounding like its come straight out of the original setlist to Guitar Hero, the guitar effects that drown the thick chords and gorgeous squeals brought me back to my early days, fawning over Bad Religion with a plastic SG in hand.

It's incredibly apparent that (COVID-permitting) this is a tune that would be enjoyed ten-fold in a live environment with ample room to spin backflips off the ceiling and kick people in the face. Despite opening up with an (admittedly) slightly ropey vocal solo, the second the tune kicks into gear not only do the vocals immediately find their feet - but the band sounds *mint*. The bass melts into the guitar chords and the drums are thick; landing with a real weight. I definitely need to hear this group live, because it's clear they've got a fucking mammoth behind the kit. It propels the track forward with energy, but also with an entirely stable grasp of the rhythm. Well done drummer. You are good at drums.

Then we get to the breakdowns and *good lord*. I've already fired off an endless stream of adjectives to try and encapsulate how great this tune sounds, but these breakdowns are obscene. There's more naughty words in this review than there are in the song itself, but when it drops on Friday 28th 'Cardboard Box' needs a "parental advisory" label for just how filthy its breakdowns are. At [2:57] the song just starts taking the piss with how fantastic the guitar harmonies sound, and it has given me a sore neck from swinging my head back and forward relentlessly. I'm only 20 years old, and this song should have come with a health warning - that should be more than enough to tell you how good it is.

This song is really, really good and you should be excited. Pay attention to Squidge.


- good -

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