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SINGLE REVIEW: Supercrack - Saturn Jacket

Ainhoa Reviews Another Good Song With Jacket In The Title

Supercrack - Saturn Jacket (2020 Clean Slacks + Luke Duffett)

Have you guys ever been alone in the middle of a big city late at night? I have. But if you haven’t, well, it’s hard to describe. You feel lonely. Lost. Maybe a little afraid. But all of that is paired with an odd sense of peace, freedom, and awe at the staggering beauty of city lights, if not stars. At night, alone, you feel like you can do anything, and yet you’re afraid, uncomfortable... Like I said, it’s hard to describe. So either go out and experience it for yourself or, alternatively, listen to ‘Saturn Jacket’.

Created by Supercrack, a newcomer to the London underground scene, this new single is an entrancing listen that manages to capture the mix of melancholy and giddy mystery I associate with nocturnal walks around town. A pointed beat from Jake Robbins gives the track a strong backbone, while dreamy guitars and synths provide the swaying motion it needs to captivate its listeners. From then on, the track becomes an ever-changing entity that never stands still. Blending in seamlessly with the aforementioned guitars and synths, vocalist/songwriter/producer Luke Duffett's deep and echo-y performance elevates this song from a chill after-hours electro-pop tune to a truly haunting listen. The song’s cryptic lyrics and unconventional structure also help to create its strong mood. The track sounds directionless in a controlled way, much like the disorienting lyrics brought to life by its singer.

Nevertheless, the best part of this track is undoubtedly its ending. A somewhat muffled spoken sample around minute 2:25 gives way to some strong base sounds and more urgent vocals that give the track its “drop”. Powerful and moving, ‘Saturn Jacket’ cools-down soon thereafter with a stripped down, repetitive ‘chorus’ that foreground the track’s distorted vocals, carrying it over to a fittingly haunting ending. This taste of brilliance right at the end, however, does somewhat dampen my enjoyment of the rest of the song. If this is how powerful it can be, how far it can go, why not get there sooner? While the track’s progression works well as is, part of me wishes this song’s fantastic climax could have come sooner and escalated further - or at least lasted longer.

Supercrack's Luke Duffett

Impressed by Supercrack’s debut, I was quick to look up ‘Saturn Jacket’ online. Soon after, I found the following quote by the artist themselves: “Saturn Jacket was salvaged from the vulnerable drawl of a 6 minute voice note recorded in a worn, bare magnolia room above a derelict pub in Greenwich. The song radiates a theme of true repentance. ‘Saturn Jacket’ laments for the future, recognising one’s hopelessness in pursuing a life beyond one’s own desires.” Supercrack’s melancholic vision of the song is not far-off from the lonely night time trip I had first imagined - the vulnerability, lament, and hopelessness they mention are all ingrained in this track. However, a subdued energy, floaty spirit, and immense beauty are also notable. ‘Saturn Jacket’ might be a song about hopelessness, but I have nothing but hope for whatever Supercrack might surprise us with in the future.

Listen to 'Saturn Jacket' here:


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Ainhoa Santos Goicoechea (pronounced "I-know-ah") is a culturally confused third-year English student from the Basque Country, Spain. She is passionate about film, music and politics, and she should probably know more than she does about all three.

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