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SINGLE REVIEW: The Sickboy Method - Cigarette excitement

Oh the smile is oh so inviting

The Sickboy Method - Cigarette excitement (2020 The Sickboy Method)

Fusing an IDLES-styled pulse with a Weezer-tinted chorus, The Sickboy Method's lead single from upcoming EP Problematic Behaviour is one to get the blood pumping.

Hailing from Sheffield, indie-punk-fuck-em-ups The Sickboy Method kicked off 2020 with a debut major platform single in 'Terror', a gloomy, doomy, piece of rock'n'roll, featuring dark shades of The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane's Addiction in their meaty drop tunings. New single 'Cigarette excitement' however, is a noticeable step-up.

Swapping atmospheric passages for a far more immediate direction, TSM cram every second of the song with pounding drums and overdriven guitars. Vocalist Jake Walker sounds like the lovechild of Slaves' Isaac Holman and Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner, capable of punk snarls while still retaining a melodic edge. Walker's delivery on 'Cigarette excitement' is angsty yet enticing, and is extremely promising for their soon to be released EP.

Getting to the track's guitar solo however, just wow. Sounding like a cut from Daughters' 2018 effort You Won't Get What You Want, The Sickboy Method fuse glitchiness and scratchy picking together with sci-fi sounds to make a standout moment for the the track, purely due to how bizarre it all is. But it works. It works perfectly.

The Sickboy Method are definitely one to keep an eye on in the underground scene. A punk backbone with melodic vocals is not your usual formula, but for this lot it is a synthesis that fits great.

Listen to 'Cigarette excitement' now and go find The Sickboy Method on facebook and instagram for all your gritty punk requirements.


- good -


James Mellen is a very bored student in his final year of compulsory education, waiting to study music production and performance at degree level. He is passionate about music, guitars and music. He also watches films sometimes.

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